Oktoberfest….Special thanks to the monks and nuns.

We are delighted to raise a glass to all those monks and nuns around the world who have wisely taken to heart the words of  St. Paul to Timothy. (1 Timothy 5, v.23 “Do not take only water as your drink, but take a little wine for the good of your stomach and for your frequent ailments…” These dedicated cloistered monks and nuns have given us some of the best beverages with which to help celebrate all the blessings of this life. Here are three of the best…..

The Benedictine monk, Don Bernardo Vincelli, created the recipe for this French liqueur which includes the extracts from twenty seven different plants and spices.

Trappist ale is made behind ancient abbey walls in Belgium and the Netherlands, under the supervision of monks from the Trappist branch of the Cistercian monastic order.

Blanquette de Limoux was first made by the monks of the St. Hilaire monastery, in the Pyrenean foothills, just south of Carcassonne to their unique recipe. It was first produced in 1530 to a recipe which pre-dates champagne by over one-hundred years.