The LR Library Music Catalogue is available from the The LR Library Homepage and can be accessed  from the download links underneath the album images.

Our library features a wide ranging selection of music from almost every genre. Roots acoustic Folk and Celtic soundscapes, far out Electronica and Urban grunge, gentle ambient melodic compositions, featured saxophone solos, powerful guitar-led anthemic themes all the way through to rock and power-ballads; there is something special and original for every film maker, advertising and commissioning editor and producer in  The LR Library. Creatives requiring music for charitable causes, associated  promotional and publicity films, or if you are creating personal projects,  are  welcome to contact us privately as we are always happy to negotiate special terms. If you need something different for your YouTube channel or individual site, we can also negotiate preferential rates.

New albums are added to the library as soon as they become available to increase repertoire, and we aim to keep a diverse, inspirational and excellent variety of music to choose from, whatever the nature of your project. Please follow the links below the album images to access the player pages for each album. Here you can listen to track selections, create and account and decide on the download file format that best suits you. You can also find the UK and USA rate cards, cue sheets and from the main library page you can  create  your account by following the links.

Contact us directly to discuss your needs, and we’ll be only too happy to help. We have editors, composers and engineers available who will be happy to create new commissioned work, or customise and edit existing library music cues and stems..

To access The LR Library direct from the home-page:

You can access The LR Library from here and the all projects page.  Worldwide MCPS/PRS clearance forms for the UK can be downloaded here.

Permissions, clearance and information regarding other projects can be obtained by emailing us at The LR Library.

Music from our library has been featured in several advertising features and in the original score for a Hollywood short. Previous clients include: BBC TV, Channel 4, ToyBox, World Vision, BBC Radio 2, Channel 4, Christian Aid, Compassion International, Alpha UK and USA, Premier Radio, TV Netherlands, Dutch TV and RTE.NL