Oh June, like the mountains I’m blue ….

JUNE..!  …. summer is here. Sea, sand, sun, and …hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains … with a happy little tune to sing as well. The Blue Ridge Mountains Of Virginia, a song inspired by the book written by John Fox in 1908 …and should you happen to be visiting Big Stone Gap, Virginia, you can see the stage play called The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine, which is still performed every year – and has been since 1964 – in honour of the author. The song was featured in the opening credits of the film adaptation (1938) of the original book. The most popular version was made by Laurel and Hardy in their film “Way Out West” ….and it even reached number 2 in the British music charts, mostly thanks to veteran broadcaster John Peel, who played it all the time on his Radio 1 show.

You won’t find it here on the Little Room site, but you will find lots of fabulous music! And if you are heading to those Blue Ridge Mountains, happy hiking! And watch out for bears and poison ivy.