November news

November is here and the shops are already displaying Christmas trees, decorations, and (heaven forbid) already playing Christmas music! We are not amused. All the delights of Thanksgiving (in the USA) and Advent still to come. Far to early in our humble opinion.

So we recommend a riotous selection of Mr Don’s superb Electronica music to clear our heads and hearts in preparation for all the forthcoming delights of December!

Thank you to those who have sent enquiries regarding Charlotte Parmiter’s folk album. Without getting too technical on you all, the producers have decided to re-record her original vocals and the main guitar/mandola parts again before Jon Kelly begins the final mixes. Her vocals were re-recorded in London in early October, and work is now starting on the guitars and mandola re-recording. Watch this space for further updates. It is sounding wonderful, and will be worth the wait.

Best wishes for a happy Autumn/Fall from all of the Little Room team.