March brings breezes loud and shrill, stirs the dancing daffodil.  (…continuing our seasonal theme from the Sara Coleridge poem!)

A WORLD OF MUSIC, the new EP from Katie Targett-Adams is released Monday March 4th. We are featuring three tracks for download from her Little Room page, and you can buy the CD/EP from her website. We will add the iTunes link when it becomes available. There are some great new arrangements of favourite songs from her concerts and shows around the world – in three languages –  Chinese, Mexican and French, as well as a beautiful version of the traditional folk song Marble Halls, and a new instrumental piece specially composed for the EP. For more details, please go to her home page or link to her website.


Charlotte Parmiter’s recording of English folk songs is continuing well, with bass overdubs and further audio restoration taking place on the original music files. Due to the producer’s laptop with all the music content being stolen in the early stages of the project, we are taking a little longer than usual to get this release to you. We are having to revert to back-ups and early versions of the songs, and in some cases transferring them from the original working demo’s. It will be worth the wait!