Great Britain….hooray!

September…and a resounding conformation of all things Scottish, Welsh, Irish and English. Thankfully, we can continue to enjoy the unique diversity of the beautiful British Isles. So we thought it would be appropriate to feature the music of Scottish Clarsach player and folk singer Katie Targett Adams to celebrate.

In other news, re-recording and editing of vocals tracks in North London to perfect Charlotte Parmiter’s new album.

String quintet and guitar additions and overdubs to David Clifton’s sacred songs recordings at Fifth Avenue with Will Reagan co-producing. Vocal overdubs with Scott Minor at Wild Chorus studios for his folk/roots project. Ambient guitar and violin recordings underway too, we hear.

Gabriel is travelling and making more of that big old trombone music, so please be patient if you have e-mailed the office and not yet had a yet. We’ll be in touch with you soon.

Plans to upload sheet music for our most popular recordings are taking shape, and we are sorting out the best formats with payment options. Won’t be long.

Happy Autumn and Fall to you all, as we enjoy watch those kaleidoscope colours paint the trees again.