December the first 2016 ….. Advent ….

The first day of December, looking forward to Christmas Day, and the worldwide celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

The message of Jesus is the same now as it always was. Peace, love, forgiveness, joy and goodwill to all people; a timeless message to our broken and war-weary world. A message of love, wisdom and truth ringing down the ages from over two thousand years ago. We are particularly called to remember the oppressed, the helpless, the cold, the hungry, the outcast, those who mourn the loss of loved ones, the sick, those who are lonely, and the unloved.

May this Advent season be a time of preparation and prayer for the bringing of a bright new dawn of hope, compassion, peace and love throughout the world as we look forward to Christmas and the coming year.

This month we bring you a new release from the archives; a song written by Phil Keaggy and David Clifton, completed and recorded during David’s first writing trip to Nashville. The song “Father Of My Soul” is a meditation inspired by the books of Proverbs and Psalms, and released on iTunes later this month. It’s a simple acoustic ballad, with Phil and David playing and singing together, with minimal overdubs. It is also released in EP format, offering three versions of the song; a full mix featuring overdubs onto the live take, with Phil Keaggy playing bass, electric guitar and percussion. There is also an acoustic and vocal mix, and an instrumental version of the two guitar parts, recorded live at Phil’s studio in Nashville, Tennessee USA.

You can find the download links on the Archive page, and on David Clifton’s  artist page.