City of Gold now back on Apple Music & iTunes…

City of Gold – Baggaley, Clifton, Blythe, Plass

After many weeks of technical issues due to an unauthorised version of City of Gold blocking our iTunes and Apple Music links, we are happy to report that the full original album version is once again available worldwide. Thank you for you patience whilst this was being resolved.

City of Gold on Apple Music

City of Gold on iTunes

In addition to the full album version, there is now a Radio Remasters 20th Anniversary edition available. This release features selected remastered versions of songs which have received the most airplay over the years. It is available for streaming and downloading from all major digital music websites. To preview and listen, here are Apple Music and iTunes links:

City of Gold 20th Anniversary Radio Remasters.

City of Gold Radio Remasters on Apple Music and City of Gold Radio Remasters on Apple iTunes

Happy listening!