Bulletin Board, July 2011

X Factor regional finalist Ellice is currently preparing the songs for her new EP with producer and writer Paul Kingston. She will also be playing selected local and regional gigs this summer.

Esther Alexander has been playing concerts throughout the summer and autumn with various combinations of guest musicians depending on the venue. Esther’s albums are available on iTunes, and her most recent CD was recorded with producer Kipper at the helm. She is currently busy with family life and still finding time to write, record and work on completing tracks for a new album.

Tim Oliver has a new four track EP of his music out in really cool vinyl-look CD format. Visit his myspace/website site to order it, or to download tracks.

Over the past few years Lizzie Deane has been working with Boy George and touring, as well playing solo shows with her band in the UK. She has been working on a new project with Kevan Frost, and has made some great solo recordings of her own; check out her website for details.

David Clifton is writing songs and playing selected solo acoustic shows in Knoxville Tennessee and Nashville. His two sacred music projects, Seeds of Hope & Love and IKOS Christmas Carols & Songs, are both now available on iTunes, as are the two albums he made with Andy Piercy. (Praise God from whom all blessings flow and Psalms, Hymns, & Spiritual Songs) He has also been writing with Kipper and Esther Alexander for her most recent album.

Phil Baggaley has been busy with his studies at University, and writing and producing songs for a new release. He still hasn’t bought his camper van yet, and is currently making plans for a tour with his band, The Time Project. They have a new EP available on Gold Records. Please visit the Gold website for details.

Katie Target Adams is now based in Hong Kong and is continuing her series of concerts and solo events over in the Far East. She is also playing festivals in mainland China, and you can find some of her Chinese language folk songs on her download page. She returns for concerts in her native Scotland, as well as other special events in the USA and Europe; please check her website for up to date concert listings.