Little Room Recordings was founded during the spring of 1993. The company was first based in Earlham Street, Covent Garden London WC2, a street filled with musical history. The office and first recording studio was in a little flat, just around the corner from where Pink Floyd founder member and guitarist Syd Barrett used to live, and across the street from Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics old flat. Little Room Recordings is an independent label, and was initially established to release the first album by Andy Piercy and David Clifton. This recording was a ground-breaking project at the time, especially in the realms of sacred and Spiritual music. This project was also unique in its presentation, artwork and vision, with specific hand-made papers being required for the booklet. Each booklet was individually finger-printed to make every CD package unique. It was thus more suited to independent manufacture, and after much deliberation, the name ‘little room’ was chosen to reflect the nature of the recording location and the tiny office. As this initial release grew in popularity, licencing and distribution deals were negotiated to expand the vision. ‘Praise God from whom all blessings flow’ eventually went on to sell some 7,500 copies. (This recording, and their second album are both available on iTunes and all good digital download sites, as well as here from the Little Room download store. A few remaining CD’s are still available for purchase.)

The second Little Room release was ‘Psalms Hymns and Spiritual Songs’ in 1996, another sacred and spiritual album by Andy Piercy and David Clifton, which matched the first release in popularity and sales. These and subsequent projects put little room on the map as an independent label known for releasing high quality and thoughtfully produced projects; the distinctive artwork soon became a feature of the label’s releases. It soon became necessary to form a music publishing division of the company, and Little Room Music publishing was founded in 1994.

The vision for the label was expanded at the turn of the century with the release of the Celtic double CD compilation ‘I Am the Great Sun’ with further productions and commissions increasing the scope of the label. This was followed by a project for a Dutch Gospel choir, and then the release of the IKOS Christmas Carols and Songs album, and David Clifton’s ‘Seeds Of Hope And Love’ album. Keep an eye on the latest news page for further release information.

Little Room Recordings has recently increased the roster of artists. Biographical information for each artist and their contact details and links can be found by clicking on the artist’s name or making a selection from the ‘Choose Artist’ or ‘Genre’ tab, where you will find all their currently available downloads.


Represented artists

  • Mr. Don
  • Ellice
  • Ikos
  • David Clifton
  • Andy Piercy & David Clifton
  • Katie Targett-Adams
  • Charlotte Parmiter

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