Little Room Music publishing was established in 1994 to support the work of writers on the Little Room label, and to offer the best possible arrangements and contracts, with the greatest flexibility to a new generation of songwriters, lyricists and composers. Little Room Music represents, promotes and administers the works of the writers whose music, lyrics, songs and arrangements can be found under this division of the site, and also publishes selected songs and compositions by other associated writers and composers.

We aim to work closely with artists, producers, record and film/TV production companies who feature our writer’s music on their recordings and productions. We promote songs to those who are looking for material for new recordings, and to those artists and producers who are searching for interesting new songs and music for forthcoming projects. If you are in this category of music or production work, you can download stems from the relevant artist page, or from the TV, film and soundtrack library pages via the link to the site. Each artist page will give you more information about the singers, writers and composers who are associated with Little Room. You can also navigate to the Little Room Recordings homepage (the production and recording company division) and to other interesting sites that you may like to visit.

If you are looking for specific music from any of our releases, or sacred and spiritual worship music and songs by our writers and you don’t find it here, please contact us and we will try to help you. You will additionally find several of the most popular Little Room/IQ music songs in the Richard Mayhew ‘The Source’ songbooks, and also in several of the Spring Harvest and Methodist publishing house songbooks. Please follow the Sheet Music links on the album pages to download the music for all of Andy Piercy and David Clifton’s songs, and the string quartet parts for ‘We do not presume’, ‘My Beloved One’ and ‘We Have A Great Priest’.  The string quartet and choral charts for the Ikos Christmas Carols and Songs recording can also be downloaded by following the links on the album page.

One of the most successful projects we publish is City of Gold, which has now sold in excess of 70,000 copies world-wide. Songs from the album have been recorded by many different artists in the USA and Europe, including Dove award winning and Grammy nominated artists Point of Grace, and also featured on a special project by USA best selling author and speaker Max Lucado. Sheet music is available on the release page.

Music licensing enquiries can be made in the first instance to Little Room Music c/o IQ Music, London and Liverpool. Please contact and

Associated Little Room Music writers and composers

  • Ian Bowen
  • Johnny Burns
  • Neil Costello
  • Lizzie Deane
  • Mark Edwards
  • Matt Hay
  • Joanne Hogg
  • Clare King
  • Phil Lawston Johnston
  • Tim Oliver
  • Trevor Michael
  • Kate Simmonds

Represented Writers and Composers