City of Gold now back on Apple Music & iTunes…

City of Gold – Baggaley, Clifton, Blythe, Plass

After many weeks of technical issues due to an unauthorised version of City of Gold blocking our iTunes and Apple Music links, we are happy to report that the full original album version is once again available worldwide. Thank you for you patience whilst this was being resolved.

City of Gold on Apple Music

City of Gold on iTunes

In addition to the full album version, there is now a Radio Remasters 20th Anniversary edition available. This release features selected remastered versions of songs which have received the most airplay over the years. It is available for streaming and downloading from all major digital music websites. To preview and listen, here are Apple Music and iTunes links:

City of Gold 20th Anniversary Radio Remasters.

City of Gold Radio Remasters on Apple Music and City of Gold Radio Remasters on Apple iTunes

Happy listening!

City of Gold technical troubles!

We hope you are all staying safe and well during these turbulent and challenging times.

Thank you to those who have contacted us regarding City of Gold disappearing from iTunes and Apple Music in the USA. There  has been a fraudulent attempt to hijack our repertoire, and we ask that you would be patient, and please do not download the version of City Of Gold with the four-panel front cover currently on iTunes. Please only download and listen from the Amazon and Bandcamp links that can be found on the ‘All Releases’  album page or from the link on the homepage of our website. The Spotify link is unaffected, and CD’s are available from our online store. We will post an update when the situation is resolved.

Grand Central Station New York – Released today, 22nd November 2019

A note regarding the inspiration for this song.                                                                                                        “On my first visit to New York whilst on tour playing guitar for Tanita Tikaram,  Frank Tontoh (our drummer) and I went downtown one morning before the afternoon soundcheck. He wanted to buy a baseball jacket (Redskins, I seem to remember) and I was trying to find Manny’s music store.
After leaving Manny’s I got completely lost and found myself at Grand Central Station. When travelling I so often experience events, notice people and find myself affected by encounters in a very different way. There’s so much we unintentionally overlook and take for granted in our day to day environment. Travelling often reveals the circumstances of the ordinary day with a new vision.
Some years later Phil Baggaley and I met one wintry weekend in Derby to write new folk songs. In a turn of synchronicity, he suggested writing a song with this title. I have always wanted to record it, as it’s a popular song in my concert set.
I feel it is particularly poignant during this Christmas season when we can easily overlook those in our neighbourhoods who may be in difficult and challenging circumstances, and might need words of encouragement, help or care.