March brings breezes loud and shrill, stirs the dancing daffodil.  (…continuing our seasonal theme from the Sara Coleridge poem!)

A WORLD OF MUSIC, the new EP from Katie Targett-Adams is released Monday March 4th. We are featuring three tracks for download from her Little Room page, and you can buy the CD/EP from her website. We will add the iTunes link when it becomes available. There are some great new arrangements of favourite songs from her concerts and shows around the world – in three languages –  Chinese, Mexican and French, as well as a beautiful version of the traditional folk song Marble Halls, and a new instrumental piece specially composed for the EP. For more details, please go to her home page or link to her website.


Charlotte Parmiter’s recording of English folk songs is continuing well, with bass overdubs and further audio restoration taking place on the original music files. Due to the producer’s laptop with all the music content being stolen in the early stages of the project, we are taking a little longer than usual to get this release to you. We are having to revert to back-ups and early versions of the songs, and in some cases transferring them from the original working demo’s. It will be worth the wait!

February brings the rain, thaws the frozen lake again.

baggaley_valentine_96 February the 14th is VALENTINE’S DAY…! Send the one you love a happy Valentine’s Day song! You can find the link to The Woodthieves classic and much loved single on the home page, or on the Archives pages. There are also extra re-mixes available, both a Dance and a Eurotrash mix.

Katie Recording Katie packed up her Clarsach and her suitcase, and travelled across the world to begin recording a new five track EP in the USA, which is due for release early March. It will feature songs from around the world in three different languages, Chinese, French and Spanish, as well as a new instrumental for harp and guitar. She begins a series of concerts in the Far East later this month, and the venue details can be found on her web-site.

2013 is here … January brings the snow, makes your feet and fingers glow!

Greetings from the lands of snow…USA and Great Britain!                                                                                  News so far…….  The Ikos Christmas album was featured on BBC Radio 2 by Paul O’Grady on his Christmas Day morning show, with Away In A Manger gracing the festive nations airwaves at 11.15 a.m. Thank you to all those who sent us messages. We hope the album will continue to fulfill Tom Lennie’s prediction that it will remain an annual household favourite.

Andy Piercy and David Clifton made a rare concert appearance at Trinity College Pittsburgh, USA on January 18th.

Katie Targett Adams flies to the USA at the end of the month to begin working on a new EP of songs prior to her concert dates in Beijing and Hong Kong.

We hope that your year has begun well, and wish you all the best for a happy year ahead.   The Little Room Team.

A winter’s day, in a cold and dark December…….. Happy Christmas!

A very Happy Christmas to you all. Peace on earth and goodwill to all people. We’ve been out and about having festive fun. Gabriel has been lending his musical talents to a fabulous Christmas show at the Smoky Mountain Opry, David has been organising carol services, and Preston has been helping with the sheet music plans. We are determined to enjoy the full Twelve Days Of Christmas, despite the rest of the world rushing headlong into sales, work, and thinking about the gloomy bits of 2012. We hope you are all enjoying these twelve wonderful days with your family and friends.

November… Guy Fawkes night…Thanksgiving celebrations…. And the leaves that are green turn to brown.

November…. The Autumn is well and truly here. The Fall, if you live in the USA. And the leaves that are green turn to brown. And to orange, red, yellow and gold.

Upcoming Events
David Clifton, with Thad Brown & Preston Davis

WDVX Radio Knoxville. Blue Plate Special                                                                                                         Wednesday 5th December 12.00pm Eastern Time. Live Broadcast
Friday 7th December. 8.00pm. Morelock’s Music. In Concert.