The title track of this double CD compilation of Celtic music has a mysterious history.

The ancient liturgical poem can be found in St. David’s Cathedral Wales, and no one knows for certain the source of the original text. It has also been found on a Norman crucifix of 1632, and an adaptation of the text has been included in an anthology of verse by the English poet Charles Causley.

‘Our Lord The Sun’ was used in prayer by the early Christian Church up to and including the fifth and sixth centuries, and embodied in the Liturgy until altered to ‘Our Lord The God’.

The musical setting was composed by David Clifton, after hearing it read during an Oxfordshire Easter Vigil service at St. Mary’s Church, Kidlington.  The title track recording was produced in Suffolk by Nigel Palmer, and remastered in the USA, in 2013. The CD single was remixed by Jon Kelly.

Three mixes of  ‘I Am The Great Sun’ are available for download; the full length album track, and the radio single edit. There is also a piano vocal mix version. The double CD Celtic music compilation was originally released in 2000 but , is now no longer available on general release. The song was first featured on the international Celtic Expressions series, and then licensed by Little Room for the compilation.

There are a few remaining archive copies left of the original full length double CD compilation, and these are available for purchase via the Little Room Store. Full details of the track-list and the featured artists can be found on the CD information page once you visit the store.