Nine Meditations for Piano and String Quintet

Piano: David Clifton
Violins: Bethany Hankins, Meade Armstrong
Violas:  Douglas Temples, Shelley Armer, Julie Belanger Roy
Cello and Double Bass: Preston Davis

Solo Violin No.5 Kindness, Appalachian Folk Violin solo No.7 Peace,                                                   and Solo Violin No.8 Self Control: Bethany Hankins
Solo Violin, No.9 Goodness: Meade Armstrong

Thank you, Mark Russell, for the original orchestration of No.4, Love.
Strings recorded by Gerry O’Riordan, London, England UK
Violin 1: Gabriel Lester, Ralph De Souza, David Juritz, Cathy Thompson, Richard George
Violin 2: Julian Leaper, Patrick Kearnan, Helen Hathorn, Manon Derome
Viola: Roger Chase, Garfield Jackson,
Cello: Tony Pleeth, Hilary Skewes
Additional scoring and recording: David Clifton, Knoxville, Tennessee USA

My grateful thanks to all the musicians who have given their time, skill and enthusiasm to this project.

Composed, Recorded and Produced by David Clifton

Recorded in Knoxville, Tennessee USA, and London, England UK
Mixed and Mastered by Huw White at White Noise Audio Productions Ltd.                               Birmingham, England UK
Additional post-mastering preparation Ben McAmis.

Sincere gratitude and special thanks to Huw White for going the extra mile.

© Little Room Recordings 2019
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