“A shared interest and passion for the ambient, experimental, improvisational and unusual aspects of guitar playing – as well as  FX innovations –  lead us to discuss making time to play together. As tends to happen during the busyness of life, the family commitments and work schedules take president over self-indulgent noodling, and good intentions sometimes take a little longer than planned to come to fruition! Some four years after our initial discussions, a rehearsal was booked – and then cancelled due to illness. So we agreed that there was only one solution. Play a concert together and see what happens! In at the deep end, to say the least.

Jason Boardman, enthusiastic entrepreneur, promoter, musician, and fan of all things experimental and left of centre, kindly offered us a show at Knoxville’s premier alternative music venue, the Pilot Light. So one November evening we finally made it happen. Matt Honkonen took care of the recording and mixing process. St. Thomas did a great job with the live venue sound. Our grateful thanks to one and all, and to our enthusiastic audience!” –  David. 18th March 2018

Brief Biography: George

George is a guitarist, songwriter, expert programmer, guitar maker, vinyl enthusiast and tech genius. He is the proud husband of Heather and delighted father of Naomi, his three-year-old office assistant. He’s always happy when he makes it across his office/studio in the half-light without terminally damaging his feet on small pink plastic children’s toys.


Brief Biography: David

David is enjoying stepping out of his comfort zone, experimenting with new musical directions and exploring unusual sonic  territory. He is still resisting the temptation to dot the perfect quaver when song-writing and composing, and is greatly enjoying the vibrant musical life of  Knoxville Tennessee during his American sojourn.